Jonathan and Tim - The Early Days

The history of Arcade Repair Tips starts in 2001 when Tim Peterson and Jonathan Leung launched one of the first MAME machine related web sites (known as Tim’s MAME Machine Web Page). In 2002, Tim’s MAME Machine Web Page was relaunched as Tim’s Arcade Restoration Web Site ( and was expanded to include Arcade Restoration Projects that Tim and Jonathan had performed.

Tim's Arcade Restoration

Shortly after the relaunch of Tim’s Arcade Restoration in 2004, Tim and Jonathan decided it was time to form a company centered around providing quality entertainment products, merchandise, and services to the masses. In 2005, Tim Peterson and Jonathan Leung formed Varcade Entertainment which continues to be a premier provider of PC/console based cabinets, refurbished arcade products, and restoration services.

Varcade Entertainment

In 2008, Varcade Entertainment had an idea to build a website that would demystify the arcade repair process. From that idea, Arcade Repair Tips was launched in May 2008 as a free, constantly updated resource that provides information on arcade and pinball repair.

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