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Installing A High Score Save Kit (In A Donkey Kong Cabinet)

When arcade cabinets first arrived on the scene, players would pump tons of money into their favorite machines to see if they could get the high score. Unfortunately, many of the arcade cabinets at

Swapping Boards In A JAMMA Cabinet

When troubleshooting an arcade game, you might get to a point where you start to suspect that your board has issues. Swapping in a tested, working board in JAMMA wired cabinets is an easy

Inspecting An Arcade Board

Troubleshooting board (or PCB) issues might just be the toughest part of arcade repair. While many board repairs require sophisticated equipment, there are some simple things you can check before sending your board off

Adjusting Dip Switch Settings On A Board

Just like most console video games, arcade games have different options that you can adjust in order to change the gameplay experience. Options such as difficulty, number of lives and number of plays per

Recommended Books For Electronics Repair

Those of you who are just now getting into the electronics part of arcade repair might wonder about where to start. This post contains some recommended books that will help you understand the basic