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Setting Up And Adjusting An Arcade Monitor

The initial process of setting up and adjusting CRT arcade monitors can be a formidable task. There are so many different parts and crazy directions that the procedure can be very frustrating to someone

Monitor Convergence Tips

Trying to correctly align the convergence on an arcade monitor can be a frustrating experience especially for newcomers to arcade repair. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the different ways to adjust convergence and

Troubleshooting Games That Are Playing Blind

Many of the questions that we receive involve arcade games that are playing blind. Playing blind refers to a particular troubleshooting symptom where you can hear sound coming from the game but the screen

Using A Tube Rejuvenator

While playing your arcade game, you might notice the colors on your monitor fading over time. We would normally discuss installing a cap kit as one of the possible solutions for this issue. With

Repairing Monitor Collapse Issues

If you’ve worked with arcade games for any length of time, you’ve probably come across your fair share of monitor issues. One of the more common problems we see with arcade monitors is known

Checking A Monitor Tube

Even though most monitor issues can be traced back to the chassis, there may be some instances where the tube is at fault. Missing colors, color smearing or screen blurring are just some of

Replacing An Arcade Monitor

As we’ve talked about in our previous posts, most arcade monitors can be fixed just by repairing the chassis; however, there are some instances where you need to replace the monitor in your arcade

Adjusting The Convergence Rings

Most of the time when we hear symptoms such as color bleeding or shadowing, our first thought might be to install a cap kit. While cap kits are known to solve problems such as

Adjusting The Horizontal Width Coil

If you’ve worked on many arcade games, you might have come across a problem where your picture does not fill up the entirety of your screen even after you’ve tried multiple potentiometer adjustments. It

Removing And Installing A Monitor Chassis

The majority of problems you will encounter with arcade monitors will involve working with the monitor chassis. In order to properly work on or repair a monitor chassis, we must be able to remove