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Replacing A Marquee Light (With An LED Light Bar)

A well lit marquee is one of the best forms of advertisement for any arcade game. While the marquee artwork itself can be compelling, the addition of a back light to this area of

Cutting And Scoring Plexiglass

While most early arcade machines used regular glass during their initial construction, plexiglass has become the standard used in most arcade cabinets since the 90s. Plexiglass is a solid transparent plastic that can be

Troubleshooting Games With Sound Issues

Sound has been an integral part of the arcade experience since the beginning. Sounds like the waka waka waka from Pac Man and the background music from Space Invaders have become staples in our

Adding Credits To An Arcade Game (And Setting Up Free Play)

In order to play most arcade games, you must either have a way to add credits to the machine or set the free play setting on the board. While most newer games offer a

Monitor Convergence Tips

Trying to correctly align the convergence on an arcade monitor can be a frustrating experience especially for newcomers to arcade repair. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the different ways to adjust convergence and

Repairing Joystick Switch Issues

Nothing can be more frustrating to someone trying to play an arcade game than the joystick not working properly. Whether it’s a classic arcade game like Pac Man or a fighting game like Soul

Installing Artwork On An Arcade Cabinet

Just like with many things in this world, age is typically not kind to arcade cabinets. Dents and scratches appear from the barrage of players “enjoying” the game, the wood starts to swell or

Swapping Boards In A JAMMA Cabinet

When troubleshooting an arcade game, you might get to a point where you start to suspect that your board has issues. Swapping in a tested, working board in JAMMA wired cabinets is an easy

Connecting Ground Wires On A Control Panel

When an individual button or joystick direction stops working properly, we tend to blame the problem on bad wiring or a faulty switch. When several buttons and/or joysticks stop responding, the problem can usually

Installing A Push Button

If you’ve played many arcade games in your time, you’ve probably noticed that not every game uses the same amount of buttons. For instance, fighting games such as Street Fighter 2 are known for