Where To Buy Arcade Parts

Buying Arcade Parts

Let’s face it, it’s not like you can go down to Home Depot and ask the guy if he has a joystick for a Ms. Pac Man machine. Odds are that he might not even know what a Ms. Pac Man is! There are some places, however, that carry many of the parts that you will need when repairing arcade games.

Happ Controls ( Happ Controls is probably the most well known arcade parts manufacturer in the world. Many of the parts from other dealers, such as Bob Roberts and Arcadeshop Amusements, are actually Happ Controls parts but they get a discount because they buy in such large quantities.

Betson Enterprise ( Betson Enterprise, like Happ Controls, is also an arcade parts manufacturer. While they seem to be a little more expensive than their competition, they have some convenient warehouse locations so you tend to get your parts faster.

The Real Bob Roberts ( Bob Roberts has been selling arcade parts to enthusiasts for years. Even going through Hurricane Katrina has not stopped him from providing top quality parts at discounted prices. If you want to use a Credit Card or Paypal for payment, however, you might want to move on to another dealer.

Arcadeshop Amusements ( Arcadeshop Amusements is a great place to get arcade parts. They pretty much sell everything related to arcade games. You can even order a full cabinet kit in case you want to build a brand new game. Unlike Bob Roberts, they do accept credit cards. Definitely check them out.

Twisted Quarter ( Twisted Quarter is a great vendor for just about anything you’re looking for. They have great prices on power supplies, game locks, joysticks, monitors and lights just to name a few things. Their web site is easy to navigate and they take Paypal for your convenience.

Mikes Arcade ( Mikes Arcade is a great vendor for those hard to find Nintendo parts. They are also an excellent technical support resource. They offer joysticks, trackballs, control panels, JAMMA adapters along with our favorite item: the Nintendo to standard monitor inverter board.

Cointech Gameroom Supplies ( Some good friends of ours located in the Dallas area, Cointech Gameroom Supplies is yet another dealer for Happ Controls parts. They have an eBay store but you can also check out their physical location at Six Flags Mall in Arlington, TX.

Well, those are some of the popular places to buy arcade parts from. Where do you buy your parts from? Did we leave one of your favorite dealers out? Please leave some comments below and let us know.

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    Steve's Arcade

    Steve’s Arcade is an arcade blog. I am posting my repairs, fixes and thoughts on most of my classic arcade machines. Focus of the blog is early 80’s arcade games plus pinball. I have repair tips and videos. The blog is updated daily.

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    Don Brown

    I have bought some switches, buttons, and a 138 in 1 board (that I am now trying to install) from Holland computers in Ohio , address 483 n abbe rd , Elvia Oh. . the owner, Bill Holland , phone 440-365-9906 ext 111 will actually talk to you and help you. But there website is hard to navigate

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