HAAG Arcade Expo 2013 Seminars

HAAG Arcade Expo 2013 Seminars

This post contains video and information from several of the seminars that were presented at the Houston Area Arcade Group (HAAG) Expo in Houston, TX on November 9, 2013. For more information about the HAAG Expo, please visit

Arcade Repair Tips – HAAG 2013 – Williams Programmer Talks Shop

In this video, Ken Graham talks about his time at Williams and discusses tips to follow when working on Williams arcade games. You can contact Ken Graham on the KLOV Forums at user name YellowDog. Ken also handed out a Williams arcade game diagnostics guide with schematics that he uses to troubleshoot issues.

Link: Williams Diagnostics Guide (with Schematics)

Arcade Repair Tips – HAAG 2013 – History Of Pinball

In this video, Dan Ferguson talks about the history of pinball machines and takes questions from the HAAG Expo audience. You can contact Dan Ferguson through his Lone Star Pinball Museum website. Dan also handed out a guide listing the major events in pinball history.

Link: History of Pinball Guide

Arcade Repair Tips – HAAG 2013 – Arcade Repair Tips

In this video, Tim Peterson, Jonathan Leung and Mark Nelis give the HAAG Expo 2013 audience a special look at the content available on their Volume 4 DVD and show how to make a monitor discharging tool and use it properly with a hands-on demonstration using some volunteers from the audience.

Arcade Repair Tips – HAAG 2013 – How To Replace Your Old Cab

In this video, Joe Crookham talks about how to replace your old cocktail arcade cabinet with a new one and assembles one of his cocktail cabinet kits for the HAAG Expo 2013 audience. You can contact Joe Crookham through his Classic Arcade Works website.

Arcade Repair Tips – HAAG 2013 – Pinball Shop & Repair Clinic

In this video, John Costa and Erich Stinson walkthrough some issues and repairs on a Bally Playboy pinball machine, give some general repair tips when working on pinball machines and take questions from the HAAG Expo audience. You can contact John costa on the HAAG Forums at user name Costa.


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