QA Podcast – Episode S23

QA Podcast - Episode S23

This special episode of the QA podcast was broadcast live on Saturday, March 17 to discuss the Texas Pinball Festival 2018 in Frisco, Texas. For more information on our podcast, please visit our iTunes page at All of our past episodes can be found there as well as a review section where you can leave us a comment on how we’re doing. On this episode, Erich and Rusty discussed the games that they got to play at Texas Pinball Festival and interviewed several people in the arcade and pinball industry. Enjoy!

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Please feel free to leave any comments, questions or suggestions below. As always, you can contact us when we are off the air by email at or by calling our voicemail line at (972) 8AR-TIPS or (972) 827-8477. Enjoy!

Special thanks goes to David Payne and John Williams for composing the great arcade-style music that we use in our podcast and Jeff Martin for providing the excellent voiceovers. Please check out their websites for information on the services they provide.


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