Parts Of An Arcade1Up Cabinet

Parts Of An Arcade1Up Cabinet

Recently, a company called Tastemakers, LLC has released a product line called Arcade1Up that consists of 3/4 sized versions of several popular arcade cabinets for home use. We noticed that many of the people purchasing these cabinets are not familiar with the standard coin-op arcade terminology that we use for the different parts. The diagram above is of one of these cabinets. You can click on this diagram if you would like to see a larger version of this image. We will be using this diagram to identify these parts. You will find a brief description of each part below.

Marquee: A piece of wood that has the Arcade1Up cabinet game name and related artwork printed on it. It is located on the top of the game and does not have a backlight like you would find in a typical coin-operated arcade cabinet.

Bezel: A piece of cardboard or plastic that surrounds the monitor. This can also refer to a glass or plastic item that covers the monitor. Bezels usually contain artwork relating to the game. Other names include monitor glass and monitor shroud.

T-Molding: While the Arcade1Up cabinets do not come with t-molding installed, we thought we would mention it here for those of you who are curious about the subject. T-molding is a flexible, plastic trim that covers the leading wood edges of an arcade cabinet. While a simple black t-molding is used on most games, t-molding is available in many colors including orange (found on Pac Man cabinets), white (found on Donkey Kong cabinets) and chrome.

Control Panel: The panel that houses the main controls for the arcade game. Some of the controls you will find on the Arcade1Up cabinets include joysticks, trackballs, spinners, and buttons. Older games typically have a big sticker known as a CPO (Control Panel Overlay) that contains artwork and instructions related to the game. The company behind Arcade1Up has referred to this as the controller deck in their literature but control panel is the more commonly used term in reference to arcade games.

Arcade1Up Control Panel Wear

UPDATE (10/1/2018): Arcade1Up cabinet owners have been reporting that the artwork on the control panel will start to wear, peel, or come off after several plays. To correct this, Arcade1Up is now providing owners with plexiglass inlays (or overlays) for the panel. Please contact their customer service department at or 1-800-764-2760 to request one.

Sideart: Artwork located on the side and/or front of an arcade cabinet. It can either be a large sticker or artwork that has been directly painted on the cabinet.

Now that you know the major parts of an Arcade1Up cabinet, you should be able to more effectively communicate the types of parts you need for your game. Good luck in working on Arcade1Up cabinets in the future.

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