Live Show – Episode 80 – Changing the Difficulty is Difficult

Live Show - Episode 80 - Changing the Difficulty is Difficult

This Live Show episode was broadcast live on Friday, October 6, 2023. For more information on the show, please visit our YouTube page at All of our past episodes can be found there as well as the upcoming schedule for our future episodes. On this episode, Tim and Jonathan discussed the following topics…

  • Question from Michael asking how to change the difficulty settings on a Taito Gameroom Classics home arcade.
    New Taito 20-game image for Hanaho Gameroom Classics boards (KLOV Forums) –
  • Question from Brandon who has a Big Buck World arcade game where the guns won’t shoot/register on the bottom few inches of the screen.
  • Question from Jim who has a Silver Strike Bowling 2004 that either gets stuck on a blank screen after a screen that says “Checking Data Maintenance” or will not turn on at all.
    Intel Motherboard (D865,D965) (eBay) –
  • Question from Rose who has a Galaxian arcade game that has intermittent vertical collapse.
  • Question from Aaron who was recently gifted an old Atari System 1 Marble Madness cabinet that’s in pretty rough shape and wonders if it should be parted out or transferred to a new cabinet.
  • Question from Clay who wonders if a cap kit will fix his monitor issues.
  • Question from Tara who has Roll and Score Table where the sound is not working but the score tracker still works.
  • Question from Dustin who wants to convert his Killer Instinct cabinet from a multigame back to a dedicated machine.
  • Tim’s Tech Tip: Dealing With Funky Smelling Arcade Cabinets
  • Jonathan’s Travels: The Arcade Fort Smith
    Facebook Page –
  • Atari Acquires AtariAge – Publisher Picks Up Retro Community, Brings Site Founder On Board As Internal Historian ( –
  • My Arcade Releases the Atari Gamestation Pro with 200+ Games (Atari) –
  • Ghosts’N Goblins ReAction Figures 3-Pack – Pack B (Unicorn, Arthur in Underwear, Skeleton) by Super7
    Pack B –
    Pack A –

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Live Show – Episode 80 – Changing the Difficulty is Difficult

Special thanks goes to David Vaughan for composing all of the great chiptunes music that we use in our content and Nathan Knight for providing our excellent voiceovers. Please check out their websites for information on the services they provide.


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