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Installing A High Score Save Kit (In A Donkey Kong Cabinet)

When arcade cabinets first arrived on the scene, players would pump tons of money into their favorite machines to see if they could get the high score. Unfortunately, many of the arcade cabinets at

Installing A 412-in-1 Multigame Board (In A JAMMA Cabinet)

JAMMA wired cabinets have been a staple in the coin-op industry ever since the standard was created. The main benefit that JAMMA brought to the arcade landscape was the ability to switch in and

Troubleshooting Light Gun Issues

While joysticks and buttons are the most common form of player controls on arcade games, many different types of controls have gained popularity over the years. One of the more recent innovations in video

Replacing A Control Panel Overlay

Of the many parts of an arcade cabinet, control panels definitely take the most abuse. Gamers mashing on buttons, kids randomly pulling on joysticks and the general passage of time are just some of

Installing A Multicade Upgrade Kit (For Pac Man Cabinets)

Multicade boards have become quite popular over the last few years. Many of you have probably even thought about installing a multicade board in an arcade cabinet you currently own. Unfortunately, installing a multicade

Repairing Monitor Collapse Issues

If you’ve worked with arcade games for any length of time, you’ve probably come across your fair share of monitor issues. One of the more common problems we see with arcade monitors is known

Checking A Monitor Tube

Even though most monitor issues can be traced back to the chassis, there may be some instances where the tube is at fault. Missing colors, color smearing or screen blurring are just some of

Inspecting An Arcade Board

Troubleshooting board (or PCB) issues might just be the toughest part of arcade repair. While many board repairs require sophisticated equipment, there are some simple things you can check before sending your board off

Working With Nintendo Arcade Games

While most standard arcade games run 120 VAC to the various parts inside the cabinet, Nintendo arcade games are somewhat different. Nintendo is a Japanese company and as such uses the Japanese AC voltage

Replacing An Arcade Monitor

As we’ve talked about in our previous posts, most arcade monitors can be fixed just by repairing the chassis; however, there are some instances where you need to replace the monitor in your arcade