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Buying A New JAMMA Harness? This One Is The BEST!

There was a time when we thought that all JAMMA wiring harnesses were created equal. We would just order them from whatever vendor was the cheapest or that we were purchasing other parts from

Parts Of An Arcade1Up Cabinet

Recently, a company called Tastemakers, LLC has released a product line called Arcade1Up that consists of 3/4 sized versions of several popular arcade cabinets for home use. We noticed that many of the people

Assembling A Cocktail Cabinet Kit (With JAMMA Wiring Harness)

We’ve heard from many of you over the years who would like to own an arcade cabinet but can’t find any in your area. Unfortunately, the amount of cabinets in circulation has dwindled quite

The Arcade Auction Experience

When you are first starting out in arcade collecting, you might find it difficult to find the arcade games that you want. While sites like eBay and Craigslist have made finding arcade games easier,

Arcade Games And Electricity Costs

Whether your an operator or a hobbyist you’ve probably wondered how much it cost to run your arcade games. Electric bills can be a concern of your location owner or your significant other depending

Opening An Arcade Cabinet

There is only so much troubleshooting that we can do from outside an arcade game. In order to fix the majority of arcade game issues, we must be able to access the parts inside

Basic Troubleshooting Of An Arcade Game

Before you can fix an arcade game, a pinball machine or any electronic device, you have to first accurately analyze the problem. A few tools and a good eye will take you a long

Recommended Documentaries About Arcade Games

There has been an influx of arcade documentaries released in the last several years. I have been watching some of these documentaries over the last couple of weeks and decided to share some of

Recommended Books About Arcade Games

Even though our main focus on this site is arcade repair, we would like to take a break for a moment and talk about some arcade related books. I know that many of you

Recommended Books For Electronics Repair

Those of you who are just now getting into the electronics part of arcade repair might wonder about where to start. This post contains some recommended books that will help you understand the basic