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39-in-1 board stuck in test mode

Question from Kristen: Hello! I was given a newer generation Ms. Pac-Man cocktail cabinet with a 39-in-1 board installed. There is a blue SW3 on the board that has little toggles labelled 1-4. In what position should those be? It seems the game is stuck in test mode. For clarity, I have taken the CRT out. Someone dropped the cabinet and it is broken. I am replacing with an LCD which is working fine! Thanks! Any assistance would be appreciated! Thanks again! Kristen

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff January 12, 2021

Response from Jonathan: Kristen,

Here’s the manual a 60-in-1 board that tells what each of the dip switches do on the board (see page 2):

The 39-in-1 board that you have is just an earlier version of the 60-in-1 and I’m pretty sure both boards use the same dip switch settings. If the game is stuck in test mode it’s either because dip switch 4 is in the ON position or that the test mode button has been wired up and is being depressed at start up.

Hope that helps. Thank you for your question and good luck with your repair.


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