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Exidy Cheyenne issue

Question from Neil: Thank you for your great content. I discovered your YouTube channel and subscribed while trying to locate an answer to my screen situation on my Exidy Cheyenne. Maybe you can help get me on the right path since no one else seems to know. The Cheyenne played as it should for several months but now it displays the screen only as shown below. Any help would be most appreciated. Apparently the power supply is OK.


Exidy Cheyenne issue

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff May 3, 2021

Response from Jonathan: Neil,

Based on your picture and description, it looks like your Cheyenne game is experiencing some board issues. We recommend starting off this repair by Inspecting Your Arcade Board to see if you can find any areas that might be causing your problem. Try pressing down on some of the chips (specifically the ROM chips) to see if it helps. If the issue continues after trying those techniques then you will probably need to send the board off for repair. There are a couple of people that we recommend for these types of repairs. Eldorado Games at has a very good reputation and they usually get your board back to you in a reasonable amount of time. Alex at Elektron Forge also does some board repair work. While he mostly focuses on Atari boards, you might contact him to see if he can provide the services you need for your Gyruss board. There is also a list of additional board repair guys at under the Board (PCB) Repair & Component Sales heading that might be able to help you out as well.

Hope that helps. Thank you for your question and good luck with your repair.


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