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Flyback Replacement on Arkanoid (Sampo 19″ Vertical)

Question from Dan: Hi, I have an Arkanoid arcade machine that is playing blind. I recently watched your video on the Marvel machine playing blind and think my problem is the same. There is visible damage on the flyback which I’ll attach a picture. It is a Sampo 19″ monitor, chassis #CG-19B, model #KGR-1902VA. The flyback number is FBT-T602 (71 TRNS-FB-3015). I’m trying to get the machine back up and running but have had no luck finding a replacement. Any thoughts on sourcing this? If not maybe a good used monitor? I can send more pics of the game if needed. Thanks for your great videos!! Dan


Sampo Flyback 1 Sampo Flyback 2

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff March 1, 2019

Response from Jonathan: Dan,

Unfortunately finding a Sampo replacement flyback is extremely difficult. With that said, many of the tubes that are compatible with the 19″ Sampo chassis are also compatible with the Electrohome G07 CBO chassis with a few minor tweaks to the yoke wires. Of course, the Electrohome G07 CBO chassis is a very common chassis so it should be easier to track one of those down than a Sampo flyback. You could also go the universal chassis route (like this one as well if your tube is in good shape. Hope that helps.


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