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I have some questions on my Numan Athletics board

Question from Freeshox: So, I Have a Numan Athletics Namco board. I’m pretty new to this but it doesn’t work at all at the moment. I tested the JAMMA with a meter it’s fine but I get no video or audio at all. So, is the board dead?

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Response from Jonathan: So, I’m assuming that you’ve tested the voltage at the JAMMA harness and it is good, correct? If so, then you probably have a dead board. With that said, most Numan Athletics boards use the Namco NA-2 boardset. This boardset is notorious for bad caps. You might try replacing all of the caps on the board to see if it helps your issue. Don’t forget about the one cap that’s located under the ROM board as this is sometimes overlooked. While you’re replacing the caps on the board, make sure you reflow the solder on the large custom surface mounted chip. The solder on this chip tends to get brittle over time which causes problems. Now, it’s possible that the processor has gone bad but this is a rarity in our experience. Try the cap kit and solder reflow first and then start suspecting the processor if the issues continue. Hope that helps.


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