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Magical touch counter top

Question from Lisa: Hello, my name is Lisa and I have a magical touch counter top machine that I received as a gift about 15 years ago. It is set to free play and now I would like to use it to make money. I can’t get the diagnostic button to work so that I can switch to coin play. Please help if you can. P.S. Y’alls videos are awesome!

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff January 23, 2017

Response from Jonathan: Lisa,

When buttons do not work on coin-op games, it can usually be attributed to a wiring issue. You will need to make sure that the wiring that runs from the diagnostic button to the board in your magical touch game is connected properly. If you have the manual for the game, you might take a look to see if it has a wiring diagram. This should show you where the wires for the diagnostic button should be connected on your board. Also, make sure you check out our post on Wiring A Push Button for more information about how push button wiring. Hope that helps.


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