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Ms. Pac-Man dim monitor

Question from Josh: I have a Ms. Pac-Man upright. The monitor isnt bright. It is dim. I have tried to adjust the brightness, etc. I have replaced the caps on the monitor. The monitor is still dim. Any thoughts? I was thinking of a flyback transformer next? It is a Wells Gardner 19k4906 monitor. Thanks, Josh

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff August 12, 2020

Response from Jonathan: Josh,

Yep, probably time to start looking at the flyback. Make sure that you try adjusting the brightness on the flyback as well before you replace it. If the screen continues to be dim after replacing the flyback, it’s possible that you could have an issue with your tube. You can try using a tube rejuvenator on it at this point. If the tube rejuvenation doesn’t fix the brightness issue, then you will either need to find a replacement tube that’s compatible with your chassis or replace the monitor entirely. Hope that helps.


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