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Question from Chuck: Hello! I recently acquired 2 arcade machines. They both could use new monitors. The first one is a Captain America and the Avengers 4 player arcade. I’m pretty sure I can upgrade this one to a newer LCD screen. The other is an Area 51. This one won’t be as easy. So pretty simple question: can you recommend a reliable website where I can order these parts? Thanks, Chuck

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff July 2, 2021

Response from Jonathan: Chuck,

Some of our favorite parts suppliers include Holland ComputersTwisted Quarter, and Arcadeshop. All of them carry LCD monitors but that won’t help you with your Area 51 as optical-based light guns require you to use a CRT. Keep in mind that (in most cases) you can just remove the monitor chassis and ship it off for repair (see our post on Removing And Installing A Monitor Chassis for more information). We have several monitor repair technicians that we recommend. You can find them on our Resources page under the Monitor Repair Services & Information heading along with some additional parts suppliers as well. Hope that helps.


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