New "AS IS, WHERE IS" Mini-Arcade Review Units

Ever wanted to experience the thrill of buying a used full-size arcade game from an arcade auction, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc. and bringing it home without the hassles of having to move it with a dolly? Well, now you can! The new “AS IS, WHERE IS” mini-arcade toy line aims to give you the same feel of buying a used arcade game from a random auction or for sale website without all the back aches associated with moving full-size cabinets.

Each cabinet in the toy line features some sort of issue. They could be missing monitors, boards, control panels, etc. Who knows what’s not in there! Maybe you’ll get really lucky and receive a complete cabinet that won’t turn on or just has a small board issue. Every issue is randomized so there’s no telling what fun is in store for you! Just think about all the enjoyment you’ll get out of trying to fix them!

The company behind the “AS IS, WHERE IS” toy line was kind enough to provide us with some sample units for review. Check out the examples below to see what you might be in store for if you purchase one of their mini-arcade cabinets.

Ms. Pac-Man (with board issue)

Ms. Pac-Man (with Board Issue)

So, the first one we unboxed was complete! We were told by the company that complete cabinets were rare so we feel extra lucky that we got one in for review. Based on the screen, we do believe that it has some sort of board issue. According to the Pac-Man Troubleshooting page on, it looks like we need the check 1E p3,4,5 databus DR0 thru DR2 grounded or high.

Mortal Kombat (with missing monitor)

Mortal Kombat (with Missing Monitor)

The second one we unboxed was definitely missing a key component. Turns out that this one did not have a monitor installed. Although, we were fortunate enough to still have the monitor mounting shelf in tact. Since finding CRTs this small is a real challenge, your best bet would be to replace it with a tiny LCD. We were able to hear the game playing so we’re hopeful that once we install a monitor we’ll be back in business.

Rampage (with Missing Control Panel)

Rampage (with Missing Control Panel)

The third one we unboxed came on and seem to play just fine. The only problem was that the control panel was completely missing. Since this is plastic, we may be able to fabricate one using a 3D printer. Just thinking about the possibilities of what we can do with a mini-arcade cabinet with a missing control panel has got our heads spinning. This is sure to bring you lots of entertainment if you get a setup like this.

Well, in case you haven’t figured it out at this point…


Yes, this is our April Fools joke for 2021. Hope you guys have a great rest of your year!

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