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Arcade Legends 1

Question from Matt: I just got an Arcade Legends 1. It has a flat screen monitor of some type. It is off center meaning I can’t see the whole screen. It seems to have been moved up and left. Is there a way to get the picture back recentered?

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Response from Jonathan: Matt,

There are usually adjustments on the monitor itself that will allow you to recenter the picture. We have a video on Adjusting An Arcade Monitor but it unfortunately only discusses the process for CRT based monitors. For LCD screens, there is usually an on screen display menu that you will need to navigate in order to modify these positional settings. Sometimes the buttons to navigate this menu on are on the front of the monitor, sometimes the back, sometimes it’s a separate breakout board. You will need to open up the back of your cabinet and inspect your monitor and look for any buttons that might allow you to access this menu. If you have any trouble finding these buttons, you can send us some pictures and we’ll try to help you out. Hope that helps.


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