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Black and white JAMMA 60-in-1 problem

Question from Will: Hi, my name is Will and I’m currently working on an old 1988 Dodge City Casino Game Cabinet that I’m converting to a 60-in-1 Machine. I just bought myself a 9 inch Super VGA monochrome monitor. I plugged my 60-in-1 PCB into the monitor and it’s giving me a black and white screen. I’ve tried wiggling and pushing the VGA cord into the port supplied on the board and it’s still giving me issues. Any idea of how to fix that? Thanks, Will

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff March 1, 2019

Response from Jonathan: Will,

From your description, it sounds like the monitor that you bought is a monochrome monitor. Monochome monitors only output a black & white picture regardless of whether or not the signal from the board is actually in color. You will need to purchase a color monitor in order to view the color signal from the board. Hope that helps.


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