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Question from John: So I recently picked up a Super Strike Bowling arcade case that was gutted. I was looking to set it up again but I’m not super electronically inclined. So I’m wondering what’s the best way to go about setting this thing up again? I do already have speakers for it but wondering if I should make it a Super Strike again or maybe a Super Strike and Golden Tee? Or maybe even remake it as like a 60-in-1 or whatever? What, in your opinion, would be the best approach?

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff May 12, 2016

Response from Jonathan: John,

The choice is up to you. You can make it pretty much anything you want to make it. If it was our decision, we would probably take it back to what it was originally (in this case a Super Strike Bowling) and try to sell / trade it once we were done playing it. Of course, it shouldn’t be too hard to convert it to a different vertical game since it has (or had depending on how gutted the cabinet was) a vertically mounted monitor. A 60-in-1 might be a good choice if that’s what you’re interested in. There are many other vertical multigame boards on the market now that would be a good fit for this cabinet as well. Again, the choice is totally up to you.

Hope that helps. Please let us know what you decide to do with it and good luck with your project cabinet.


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