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Cannot access 60-in-1 test mode

Question from Roland: I am not able to get passed the monitor screen test page in test mode on my 60-in-1 board. The controls don’t allow me to flip the pages to set the soft dip switches. Any ideas? Thanks, Roland

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff March 8, 2019

Response from Jonathan: Roland,

On most 60-in-1 boards, you will need to hit the test button or switch in your cabinet in order to get past the monitor screen test page. If you don’t have one, you can try wiring one in to the pin 8 position on the solder side of the Gaplus harness according to the pinouts from You can also try turning the test mode dip switch off and then back on again on the 60-in-1 board as this will get past this screen on some revisions. Another option would be to put the 60-in-1 into another JAMMA cabinet, set everything up in the test mode, and then install it back in your Gaplus cabinet. Hopefully one of these options will allow you to access the rest of the test menu. Hope that helps.


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