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Changing arcades from quarters to tokens

Question from Laurie: I was unable to find a YouTube addressing the change process from quarters to tokens. Is that a subject you guys have addressed? We are in north LA with a mini golf and arcade place and we need to make the change to tokens. Could you possibly advise or direct? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Laurie

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff January 22, 2018

Response from Jonathan: Laurie,

We haven’t addressed changing games from quarters to tokens specifically but we do have a post on Adjusting A Coin Mech that talks a little about the subject. Basically, the coin mech is the part that the coin slides through when it is inserted into the coin slot. If the coin is “correct” then the coin mech will drop it on to the coin switch to signal the game to give a credit. If the coin is not what we are expecting then it drops the coin into the coin return. Now, some coin mechs can take quarters and/or tokens. If the coin mech can take both, you should be able to adjust it using the methods we discuss in our post. If your coin mech will only take quarters then you will need to replace them with coin mechs that can take tokens. You can get coin mechs from Suzo/Happ or from pretty much any of the parts suppliers listed on our resources page under the Arcade Parts Suppliers & Distributors heading.

Hope that helps. Thank you for your question and good luck with your future repairs.


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