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Coin mech changes for new currency

Question from Darren: Hi, I am writing to you to ask for advice regarding the change in the £1 coins and the effects it will on current coin mechanisms in the arcade area of our bowling alley. Is there a way to re-program the mechanisms of the coin readers so it will recognize the new £1 coin or will we have to get all new mechanisms? Regards, Darren

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Response from Jonathan: Darren,

Unfortunately we are not that familiar with the change that’s happening right now with the £1 coins as we are located in the United States. With that said, we are usually required to purchase new coin mechanisms when we have currency changes here in the states. You may be able to get your current coin mechanisms to take the new £1 coins depending on the type of mechs that are installed in your games but there will need to be some adjustments made (such as a size adjustment and a credit adjustment in the game menu) in order to accommodate the new currency. Making this change may also invalidate coins of other denominations depending on the mech which is why it’s best to purchase new coin mechanisms altogether if possible. Hope that helps.


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