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Coin Mech Wiring

Question from Kelly: Hi. I’m looking at installing a coin mech on my table. The unit I have is a single coin unit. I am wondering which wires go where. If you hold the unit lengthwise (i.e. lock at the top) then there are three terminals on the switch at the bottom: two straight and one angle at the the bottom which I am guessing is the ground. So, which wires hook up to the other two and will this work for two players?

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff November 4, 2019

Response from Jonathan: Kelly,

On coin mechs, we typically wire the ground to the bottom prong (or the one that sticks out by itself as you mentioned) and the activation wire to the prong closest to the ground. Yes, this should work for two players but you may need to hook up both the coin mech 1 and coin mech 2 wires to the activation wire prong depending one what board you are using. In most cases though, just using the coin mech 1 wire should be fine. Hope that helps.


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