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Converted Tekken 2 Cabinet ID

Question from Brett: Hey guys, love what you do. You guys are a great resource! Recently picked up a converted Tekken 2 cabinet. It’s obviously not the original dedicated version and I was just curious what the cabinet used to be. It seems to have some shape similarities to some early/mid 90’s Midway cabs (MK2/3 NBA JAM) but it’s hard to tell. Wells-Gardner monitor has a manufacture date of FEB 1993 if that helps. Any leads or info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much, Brett


Converted Tekken 2 Cabinet ID 1 Converted Tekken 2 Cabinet ID 2 Converted Tekken 2 Cabinet ID 3

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff January 31, 2017

Response from Jonathan: Brett,

Yeah, it’s hard to tell for sure but it definitely looks like something more along the lines of an NBA Jam / 4-Player Konami cabinet with a different control panel. Here’s a link to an image of a 4-player Konami cabinet for comparison: Of course, it’s very possible that an operator made his own control panel and switched the original one out when he installed the Tekken 2 kit in the cabinet. Considering that the front of the control panel is a different color than the bottom part of the cabinet makes this seem like a very good possibility. It’s probably not a dedicated Mortal Kombat cabinet just because they tend to have less of an angle on the monitor leading up to the marquee. Also, kind of unusual that it has horizontal coin slots as most games from this era usually have vertical coin slots. Again, the operator may have swapped out the coin door with another to avoid confusion (especially if it was a 4-player game previously). Hope that helps.


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