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Dip switch question

Question: Hi, I recently was gifted an arcade game with 100 games on it. I would like to set the difficulty levels to the easiest as little kids will be playing them and also set it up for free play. I’m quite sure there is a standard dip setting for all these games to give me what I want without having to set them manually for each game. That being said, I’ve noticed 8 switches on the dip, can you tell me what each of those numbers, 1 to 8 means so that I can customize the settings as i see fit? Thanking you in advance.

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff May 23, 2019

Response from Jonathan: So, setting the difficulty levels on most multigame boards usually requires you to go through each game individually and set them. This is due to the fact that most multigame boards use MAME or another program to emulate the games. Since emulators try to replicate the original arcade hardware through software, the original hardware dip switches must also be emulated as well. Unfortunately most games have totally different dip switch layouts which means mapping them to physical dip switches would be pretty difficult. Also, there are some multigame boards that don’t give you access to the dip switch menus in the emulator. If you have one of these boards, you won’t be able to change any of the dip switch settings which means that you’re basically stuck with the default settings.

As far as the physical dip switches on your multigame board are concerned, your best bet is to figure out which multigame board you have and see if you can find a manual for it. In most cases, these dip switches are for settings such as number of coins to start a game, high score saves, video output signal, and other options that don’t affect gameplay. If you need help locating a manual for your board, let us know and we’ll try to help you out further.

Hope that helps. Thank you for your question and good luck with your future repairs.


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