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G07 Monitor issue

Question from Robert: Tim,

I have an issue with a G07 monitor. First I will say that that I have gotten a couple of monitors to work in the past but in no way am I an expert with monitor. I do want to learn how to repair them and there is no better way than experiance. So I would like to get this one up and running.

When I got the game, the monitor did not seem to turn on. So I ordered a G07 G07 Super Repair Kit from bob robberts. I installed all the caps, flyback, both fuses (they where blown), and the 2SD870. I use a drop in power supply from bob robbers to test to ensure that the monitor has clean power from the game. when I turn on the monitor I can hear the sound of power from the monitor, but not the crackle that I would expect to hear. At the neck tube, I do not notice any light from the tube. I checked the fuses and they are still ok. I check the power into the monitor and that is ok.

Not sure of next steps and how I should test each segment of the monitor. I have taken Randy Fromms Classes via DVD. But they are not interactive so I am hopping that via email exchange you can walk me thought how to test and fix this monitor.

Thanks for all you guys do in this hobby/feild.

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Tim Peterson Tim Peterson Staff January 14, 2010

Response from Tim: There is a row of 4 diodes you should be able to find in your power supply section. Check those with your meter and make sure that they are not shorted. If you need me to walk you through that let me know. We shot a video of this but not sure if Jonathan has posted yet.


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