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Gas Pedal on Cruis’n Exotica

Question from Chris: Hi y’all, I have just got a Cruis’n Exotica sit down arcade game for my house. I was going through some of the menu options by reading the manual I downloaded. After I made a few minor changes in it (i.e. free play, sound, little things), I did a control calibration for the steering wheel and pedals. Now my gas pedal in game only let’s me go 60mph instead of full speed closer to 140mph. I’ve tried several reboots and resets with no progression. FYI, before I did the calibration it worked great on pedals but the steering was a little off. Now the steering is fine but the pedals are not. Any suggestions before I call repair guy and spend $$$$. Thanx, Chris

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Response from Jonathan: Chris,

It sounds like the calibration setting for the gas pedal must have an incorrect value from the previous control calibration. Sometimes this will occur if the gas pedal was accidently engaged (or pressed) during the calibration process. You might try lifting the gas pedal up as far as comfortably possible before entering the control calibration menu to make sure that the game gets a good initial value.

Now, it could be that the potentiometer (or pot) that’s connected to the gas pedal is having an issue. You can purchase a new pot from Suzo/Happ or some of the other parts distributors on our resources page. I believe this is the one that Cruis’n Exotica uses for the pedals: Make sure you double check the part number in the manual just to be on the safe side. You can also call up Suzo/Happ and they should be able to tell you the appropriate replacement part number.

Hope that helps. Thank you for your question and good luck with your repair.


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