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Golden Tee 2004 dell monitor issue

Question: I just put a Dell monitor in my Golden Tee 2004 and it fits and works perfectly. I hooked it up to the VGA port on my video card, only took half hour to hook all up, and I love it. Just one issue, whenever I turn the game on it goes back to the original setting for horizontal and vertical. I have to take the glass off and adjust the monitor every time. Then it came to me that the game itself was putting out the wrong signal. So, I found out how to get to the adjustment grid of 12 squares but I can’t figure out how to move the grid. The trackball nor any button will do it. Can you help with this? Thanks.

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff January 16, 2019

Response from Jonathan: From your description, it sounds like your picture is stable it’s just the positioning that’s off. Usually a stable picture means that the signal coming from the game is compatible with your monitor. So, you are doing the right thing by adjusting the positional settings on the monitor itself. With that said, most monitors do save these settings when you turn them off. Make sure that after you adjust the monitor that you turn it off using the power button on the monitor itself and not by cutting the power to it via the game power switch. Many monitors have a shut down cycle that they go through when they are turned off that includes saving the settings to memory. If you cut the power to the monitor without using the monitor power switch, this shut down cycle never get initiated and so these settings never get saved. It could also be that your monitor cannot save these settings due to an issue of some sort. In this case, you could try another monitor to see if it will save the settings or a video converter board which should let you dial in the picture. Hope that helps.


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