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Golden Tee Classic won’t exit test mode

I have a Golden tee Classic game. I recently replaced the power supply which was bad. The problem I have now is I can’t exit the setup screen. I can make adjustments to the settings but it won’t let me exit. The first time I tried it, it would flash voltage to low before going back to the set up screen. Voltage was at 5.09 out of the power supply. I turned it up to 5.2. When trying to exit the setup screen now, it flashes voltage OK press start to continue but goes right back to the setup screen. I looked at the diagnosis screen it said the voltage was OK. Can you guide me through this problem? I’m not a expert. I learned to check the power supply from YouTube. My wife wants to get rid of the game I want to keep it. Please help. Thanks, Mark

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff March 11, 2020

Response from Jonathan: Mark,

From your description, it sounds like your Golden Tee is stuck in test mode. This is not usually caused by a voltage issue. With that said, you might try measuring the voltage at the board to make sure that it’s getting the +5 VDC that it needs to run properly. Try to set it right at +5 VDC is possible. Once the voltage is set correctly, check that the start buttons and test button are not shorted, closed, or hooked up to the Normally Closed (or NC) prong on the microswitches. See our post and video on Wiring A Push Button for more information about how these buttons should be hooked up.

You also need to make sure that the test mode DIP switch is set to boot to normal play. For more on DIP switches, please see our post and video on Adjusting Dip Switch Settings On A Board. On most Golden Tee Fore style boards, this would mean that DIP SW51-#1 is set to the ON position. If it is in the OFF position then it boots to test mode. Keep in mind that this may be different depending on what version of the board you have.

Hope that helps. Thank you for your question and good luck with your repair.


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