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Help in Los Angeles?

Question from Cris: Hi guys! Can you recommend an arcade repair person in Los Angeles? I have a table top (bar style) multicade that seems to have stopped working. I went on vacation and accidentally left it on the entire time. Now it won’t boot up when I turn it on. Also, I have a stand up MAME arcade. It’s always felt a bit “off”. I’d like to get someone in to overhaul it. Any suggestions? Thanks! Cris

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff February 3, 2017

Response from Jonathan: Cris,

Unfortunately we are not directly familiar with any arcade repair technicians in the Los Angeles area. With that said, there is a big arcade show in Santa Clara called California Extreme. You can find the details about the show at their website You might try contacting the organizers of the show or posting in their online forum to see if they know of someone who can help you out. We would also highly recommend that you consider attending the show in July as events like this are a great opportunity to get to know other arcade collectors in your area. Hope that helps.


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