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inquire about arcade board testing

Question from Jason: Hi,

I am new to arcade game building and repairing. I am interested in purchasing your repair manual but I first want to inquire if you are aware of a place I could have my arcade board tested to see if it is functioning correctly. I have a green board golden tee 2005 board and hard drive. I am going to make a home version and use my television or install in an older cabinet. Any recommendations on places that would be able to do the testing to first verify my board and hard drive.


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Tim Peterson Tim Peterson Staff March 31, 2010

Response from Tim: You can contact Global VR the maker of your board and they should let you send it in for testing and they have the parts too. Here’s the website:

Let me know if you they don’t help you. We offer free board testing too if you pay shipping but since they made the game and are still around they might be your best bet cause they can fix it on the spot. We would have to troubleshoot and they get the parts from them and it could take a lot longer just so you know.



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