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Issue with the top of my screen

Question from Philip: Hey. I have been watching all your videos on YouTube and they are so informative and incredibly helpful. I was just wondering. I’m in the process of restoring an arcade and this is what’s happening to the top of the screen (see picture below). Any input would be great. Thanks so much and have a great day. Philip


Issue with the top of my screen

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff May 15, 2019

Response from Jonathan: Philip,

It looks like you are experiencing a bit of a sync or hold issue at the top of your monitor. Try adjusting the vertical and horizontal hold/sync pots on your monitor chassis to see if it helps the issue. Check out our post on Adjusting An Arcade Monitor for more information. If the problem continues after trying these adjustments, you might check the B+ voltage on your monitor to make sure it is dialed in as well.

One last thing: if you have an Electrohome G07 monitor chassis in your game, make sure you check out the G07 Sync Mod page by Bob Roberts as this will allow your chassis to sync better with newer style arcade boards which should help eliminate this curl in your picture.

Hope that helps. Thank you for your question and good luck with your repair.


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