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JAMMA Switcher

Question from Kelly: Hi. I am wondering if you know anything about JAMMA board switchers. I bought a two board switcher and I hooked everything up properly but I cant get video when both boards are on the switcher. If I have only one board on either slot no problem. It seems kind of odd like the monitor doesn’t see the video when boards are on. Any ideas?

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff November 4, 2019

Response from Jonathan: Kelly,

We don’t have a lot of experience with these JAMMA switchers but this seems like an issue with the switcher itself based on your description. With that said, you might try turning your voltage up just a bit on your power supply to see if it helps the problem (try +5.1 VDC on the +5 VDC line). If the problem is only happening on one side of the switcher, it could be that there are some bad pins or connections on the non-working harness connector. In which case, it may be good to contact the distributor you purchased it from. Hope that helps.


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