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King tut fortune teller missing printer. Info needed.

Question from Randy: I am in need of a printer for my fortune teller. I have tried a few different models. I’m tired of buying printers to try. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Randy in Iowa.


King tut fortune teller missing 1 King tut fortune teller missing 2

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Response from Jonathan: Randy,

This is a tough one. It looks like Urex Entertainment Corp went out of business in 2004. From what I can tell, their products must not have been too popular because doing an internet search on the company or this particular model doesn’t yield a whole lot of information. Your best bet might be to post in some of the different arcade forums listed on our website under the Communities heading on the right sidebar to see if you can find any other owners who might know what printers are compatible with your machine. Other than that, you might keep trying different printers to see if you can find one that will work. Wish we had better news but that’s how it goes sometimes. Of course, please let us know if you do find a compatible printer and we’ll add the information to our Q&A database so someone else find it if they are in a similar situation. Hope that helps.


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