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Monitor question

Question from Joshua: How’s it going? Just listening to the podcast and thought I could pick you brain. The monitor that is in my Street Fight II cabinet is starting have a very annoying issue. The colors are bleeding or smearing to the right. I had this same issue on a Marvel vs Street Fighter cabinet that I used to have. The fix for that was fairly easy and turning down the drive/intensity (not sure the technical name) on the colors. I have turned it all the way down on all the colors on SFII cab with no help. It acts like it needs to be turned down even further. The chassis is a Wells Gardner K7000 series. It doesn’t seem to have a brightness issue. I can turn down everything and get a black screen and then turn every thing up to get a white screen. Is this a cap issue? I hate installing cap kits :P.

Also, to help out on the Neo Geo question on the podcast. Here are some of my troubleshooting tips for Neo Geo cabs with this issue.

1. Clean the cart and the board. This may sound kind of ghetto, but I have used an eraser head to polish those contacts with great success. The carts are very touch also, almost as bad as the old Nintendo carts.

2. Check the positioning of the cart. I had a multi slot and the 4th slot always had issues. The cart never rested in the slot correctly. Also, I had a MV-1 slot before my current one. The issue with that one was the contact board that stuck out 90 degrees was coming loose. I guess it had too many years of people pushing on it so hard.

3. Check to see if the cart is a bootleg. I have accidentally bought a couple of those and they work for the most part, but will have issues with sound and blocks and incorrect pixels. Now way to fix those except to buy a legit copy.

Also you are correct and it is absolutely not a monitor issue.

Anyways, talk to you later.


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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff January 20, 2010

Response from Jonathan: Joshua,

Bleeding colors usually indicates a bad cap or caps. The only other adjustment you might try is turning down the contrast to see if it gets any better. Other than that, I would say it’s time for a cap kit. I think we mentioned on our post about Installing A Cap Kit that you could use an ESR meter. Those are very handy in helping you identify the bad caps so that you don’t have to replace them all. ESR meters can be expensive but if you really hate doing cap kits then you might want to invest in one. If you have any questions about ESR meters let me know and we’ll help you out.

Also, thanks for your feedback on Arthur’s Neo Geo problem. We’ll be sure to mention your tips in our next podcast. Good luck with your Street Fighter 2 and we’ll talk to you soon.


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