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Ms. Pac Man artwork

Question: Dear Arcade Repair Tips cast, I’m looking for good quality Ms. Pac Man side art, control panel overlay and marquee. For the side art I would like to pay between 100-150 dollars. The marquee 10-45 dollars and the control panel overlay 20-30 dollars. Also, can you put like a clear piece on your artwork over it to protect it?

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff November 6, 2015

Response from Jonathan: Something to keep in mind is that “cheap” artwork can sometimes be more difficult to apply and not last as long as good quality artwork. We understand your desire to keep the cost down but it’s definitely worth spending the extra money for better quality. With that said, we HIGHLY recommend Phoenix Arcade for your artwork needs. Darin is very involved in the arcade community and takes great pride in his products. We also have some other artwork supplies listed on our resources page under the Arcade & Pinball Artwork Suppliers heading if you looking for some different options.

Yes, you can put some clear vinyl or laminate over your artwork but we really wouldn’t recommend this unless you are planning to put this game on location out in public. The cost of clear vinyl or laminate is expensive and it can be very tough to install. Also, removing it is a big pain if someone does happen to damage the artwork underneath it. Considering your using all decal based artwork, it should be pretty easy to replace your artwork even if it does get damaged so we wouldn’t recommend clear vinyl or laminate to you at this time. If you used the decal set for your side art and actually repainted your cabinet, then you might think about putting some clear coat on the cabinet at the end of the painting process.

Hope that helps. Thank you for your questions and good luck with you repairs.


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