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No jump or fire

Question from Mark: I recently installed a 60-in-1 kit into my Pac Man upright. I also installed a new control panel with joystick, trackball, 3 player buttons and 1 and 2 player select buttons. I cannot jump or fire on any games that require that action. All buttons work when navigating the set up menu. Joystick works. Trackball up and down are good but left and right are reversed. What could be wrong?

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff December 4, 2018

Response from Jonathan: Mark,

So, I have a quick question about your 60-in-1 conversion. Did you install a new JAMMA harness in your Pac Man cabinet or did you use a Pac-Man Cabinet to JAMMA PCB Adapter? If you used an adapter, it could be that it’s either not setup properly or not working properly. Some Pac-Man Cabinet to JAMMA PCB Adapters have dip switches that you need to set in order for the buttons to work properly. Please contact the entity you bought the adapter from for more information.

If you rewired your cabinet to JAMMA and the buttons still don’t work, you might want to make sure that you are pressing either the player 1 start button or player 2 start button to select the game to play on the 60-in-1 board. If you are using player 1 button 1, that will take you do a demonstration mode for the game but won’t actually let you play it. Of course, you will also need to add coins to the game if you don’t already have the board on free play in order to start a game as well.

On the trackball, there are 2 connectors. One controls the up/down directions and the other controls the right/left connections. Sometimes you have to rotate the connectors (or rewire the connections to the board) in order to get the directions to match correctly. Try swapping the left and right directional wire connections to the harness to see if that solves the issue.

Hope that helps. Thank you for your questions and good luck with your repair.


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