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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff July 10, 2018

Response from Jonathan: Bob,

Unfortunately finding a replacement AC transformer for Pac Man can be difficult. The good news is that most people have now moved to using switching power supplies in games such as this as it tremendously improves reliability. Arcade Shop sells a power supply conversion kits for Pac Man that allows you to use the existing wiring and basically makes the conversion a “plug and play” process. We highly recommend this kit if you are having power supply issues with your Pac Man arcade game.

On the Dig Dug, Atari games use an ARII board to supply voltage to the board. Your best bet in this case is to either buy a working ARII board or rebuild the one you have. While you could possibly use a standard switching power supply to get the game running, Dig Dug also uses a +36 VAC for the high score save function. Arcade Shop also sells ARII board rebuild kits that should help you get your ARII board back up and running if it’s having issues.

Hope that helps. Thank you for your questions and good luck with your repairs.


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