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Pandora’s Box question

Question from Brian: I have a problem. I purchased 4 arcades from a manufacturer I have worked with in the past that were supposed to have the standard set of Pandora’s Box 3 games. Instead, there was a different set of games than what was promised. This is the 520 game set. In addition, there were about 5-6 games in the middle that have nude Japanese women. These were definitely not supposed to be there as this is designed for home use. The owner of this company doesn’t want to help fix this. I sold one to a scouting friend and his 14 year old son found the questionable games. Great…that helped.

The owner tells me they don’t sell the games, that these are just “demo games” and they don’t really even know what games go out on the machines. This is BS as nothing in their marketing materials says anything about this as it’s sold as a home arcade unit. The game has a standard JAMMA harness as best that I can tell and I opened the box with the board. There is an 8 gig card that I pulled out. I can’t read it on my mac.

Is there somewhere, somehow, a way to download the correct games and get them on this card? If I can’t fix the game list, I may even give these away. Good thing I didn’t put one in my church! LMK if there is a way to do this. Thanks for the read!


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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff January 25, 2019

Response from Jonathan: Brian,

I definitely see your dilemma and I’ve got a couple of thoughts on your problem. If it is a Pandora’s Box 3 520-in-1 board, there is an option in the test menu to show and hide games. You will see on page 4 of the manual the option to do this. It’s pretty easy and should ensure that the adult games don’t pop up in the menu again if that’s all you’re worried about.

Now, you will probably need to “hack” that 8 GB card if you want to try and change the games list which will involve some work on your part. There was a blog article I remember reading a while back that had the information on how to accomplish this (i.e. remove and add games to the TF card). It looks like the author deleted the original version but I found a copy of the text in a forum post on one of the boards I regularly visit. I copied it, cleaned it up a bit, and made a PDF version. Here’s the link: From the text, it looks like the games partition is in EXT3 format which means you’ll probably need a Linux system to read the card.

Hope that helps. Thank you for your question and good luck with your repair.


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