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power cable repair

Question from Noah: Hi guys. Love the website and videos. You are doing a great service to the community.

I recently bought my first arcade cabinet (Popeye) and is complete and working, however the power cable is in pretty bad shape. First of all, the plug does not have a ground prong. It doesn’t seem to have broken off, it just looks like this particular plug does not have a ground on it.;topic=99886.0;attach=141317;image

I don’t know why this plug is missing the ground prong, but I have seen your video on replacing the the power plug and that seems like no problem. However, the cable itself is frayed in several spots especially where it exits the cabinet. What can I do to repair it?

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Response from Jonathan: Noah,

Some older games did not come from the factory with ground prongs on the plug and Popeye could be in this category. We would recommend replacing the entire cord. Buy a heavy duty extension cord from your local hardware store and cut the female end off of it and strip off the jacket and the wires. Wire the black and white wires to the location they are currently wired to in the game then attach the ground wire to something metal in the cabinet. This should ensure that your game is at least somewhat grounded.

We have also featured your question on episode 6 of our Q&A podcast. Look for it to be posted on our website soon. Thank you for your question and keep us posted on your progress.


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