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Pro Striker Replacement Bowling Balls

Question from Jordan: Hoping you can help me. I need some bowling balls for a Pro Striker bowling machine. The company who made it is no longer in business. Would you know where I could get some? It’s made by “Design Plus Industries.” Many thanks, Jordan

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff February 6, 2019

Response from Jonathan: Jordan,

The information about the game that we found on this site says it uses 2 4″ bowling balls. Suzo/Happ sells 4″ bowling balls for similar coin-op bowling games such as LAI Super Strike. Here’s a link to one such ball: While we’re not 100% sure this ball will work with your game, there’s probably a pretty good chance considering it’s the same size and is used in similar games. We recommend calling Suzo/Happ before you order to see if they know about the compatibility of this ball with your game. Hope that helps.


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