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Red convergence rings?

Question from Scott: So, the flyback was leaking and sparking on my monitor. I was able to fix it at least temporarily with a ton of epoxy and electrical tape but in so doing I must have bumped my red convergence ring a little. Only the red is off and only ever so slightly. I’m afraid of making it much worse without knowing which rings control the red. Do you know which of the three sets of rings controls the color red? Can you help me?

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff January 23, 2019

Response from Jonathan: Scott,

We have a post on our website entitled Adjusting The Convergence Rings on this subject that we recommend you check out. With that said, the convergence rings don’t really correspond to individual colors. Let’s take the three sets of rings that you have. On most monitors, the set closest to the front of the tube deals with centering the picture, the middle set adjusts the vertical lines, and the set closest to the neckboard adjusts the horizontal lines. We always recommend using a sharpie, paint pen, or another writing utensil to draw a line across the rings before you start so you know the original positions of the rings. Once you’ve done that, it really shouldn’t matter how much you mess with them because you will always have that starting point you can return back to just in case you need it. At this point, you can adjust the vertical and horizontal sets of rings as needed to see if you can get your picture dialed in. Hope that helps.


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