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Replacement coin door for a Ms. Pac Man cabinet

Question: Dear Arcade Repair Tips cast, my question is where you can find micro switch coin mech that works with a JAMMA 60-in-1 and fits a full size arcade coin door? Are the full size coin doors at the same size as the Midway 80’s Ms. Pac Man/Pac Man coin door?

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff November 9, 2015

Response from Jonathan: We are not aware of any specific retailer that sells Ms. Pac Man compatible coin doors. With that said, we believe that many generic coin doors will work with your cabinet but we highly recommend contacting the retailer you plan to purchase your coin door from directly to make sure that it is indeed compatible. Twisted Quarter and both have contact pages so you can send them questions about their products. It’s definitely worth taking the time to ask them so you don’t waste time later on trying to make a non-compatible coin door work in your cabinet. Hope that helps.


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