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Sega Bass Fishing- Monitor Black

Question from Hoffman: Hi guys,

big fan of your site; always been a reader more than anything but now i find myself with a problem i need some help with.

this is for a sega bass fishing upright cabinet. it comes with a Nanao 29″ monitor(ms-2931). The monitor clicks when i power on the cab, then again a few seconds later, but i get no picture. I see the glow coming from the neck of the tube, and plugging the db15 cable in/out causes the monitor to click as if syncing to the signal its receiving. Degauss button also registers a reaction from the monitor.

when i turn off the lights completely i dont see any light whatsover being made by the tube which i find strange. also when i try to discharge the tube i get no pop/snap/spark as with other monitors.

any help is appreciated!


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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff March 10, 2010

Response from Jonathan: Hoffman,

We had a very similar problem with a Tokyo Cop that had a Nanao monitor in it. Our problem turned out to be the filter capacitor that was located right in the middle of the chassis. You might check this cap before moving on to other troubleshooting. Of course, we always recommend doing a full cap kit if this monitor is older and hasn’t had one in a while. Please see our post on Installing A Cap Kit for more information. If you install the cap kit and you are still having problems, then your flyback is probably the culprit.

We have also featured your question on episode 7 of our Q&A podcast. Please listen to it for more of our thoughts on your question. Thank you for your question and please keep us updated on your status with this issue.


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