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Street Fighter 2 and HAPP vision pro problems

Question from Carlos: Hello, I heard you saying on one of your videos that you have diagrams on your website. I couldn’t find it although I’m not that good with internet. I’m looking for wiring diagrams and schematics for a Street Fighter 2 JAMMA harness and also a HAPP Vision Pro monitor with display issues.

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff February 3, 2020

Response from Jonathan: Carlos,

You can find a wiring diagram for Street Fighter 2 in the manual for the game. Here is a link directly to the page in the manual that contains this information: While we don’t have a Street Fighter II specific wiring diagram on our website, we do have a JAMMA harness wiring diagram which can be found here:

Unfortunately the schematics for the board are a bit harder to come by. With that said, most of the problems we’ve seen with Street Fighter II boards are due to sprite issues which are usually caused by bad ROM chips on the board. If you are having this issue, try replacing the ROMs and see if it helps.

On your HAPP monitor, what kind of issues are you experiencing? If you let us know we will try to help you out. You may also try contacting HAPP directly. HAPP is still in business and has technical support contact information on their website:

Hope that helps.


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