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Time Crisis 3 Question

Question from John-Paul: I am having issues with two Time Crisis 3 cabs linking up. I have been through multiple troubleshooting steps already trying to figure out what the issue is and am still unable to resolve it. All the ROMS are matching, game difficulty is matching, have replaced cables between the I/O PCBs. Do you guys have any tips of something else that I could check to figure this one out? Thanks for any help you can provide. John-Paul

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff March 1, 2019

Response from Jonathan: So, is it giving you any kind of error message or is it just not linking? Usually the main test mode screen will indicate if there is a link error. An error code 1 or 2 refers to a problem with the game PCB, I/O PCB, or a memory issue. On this error, check the battery on each board and also check the function of the CPU, fans, etc. to make sure everything is working properly. Error code 3 refers to a problem with the software versions not matching on both sides (which doesn’t sound like the problem in this case). Please give us some more details and we’ll try to help you out further.


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