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U2000 chassis

Question from Dirk: I’m looking for a U2000 chassis that has already been rebuilt. Would you have one for sale? If you do not have a U2000 chassis, is there a suitable replacement that is compatible where I wouldn’t need to rewire the harness? Thanks. The Game Guy.

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Jonathan Leung Jonathan Leung Staff April 10, 2019

Response from Jonathan: Dirk,

Unfortunately what you are asking for is pretty tough to come by. Finding a spare chassis of any particular make and model is difficult as most people keep them as backups for their own games especially now that CRT production has hit an all time low. There is a universal monitor chassis available that works with most monitor tubes but it is not a plug and play solution and will usually require some rewiring of the monitor input connector in most cases. Your best bet is to repair the chassis that’s currently in your game. If you can’t do this yourself, we do have several people we recommend for this service. Chad at is a very reputable guy and has a pretty fast turn around time. You could also contact our friend Arthur at highscoresrepair. He has answered several questions on our Facebook page in the past and definitely knows what he’s doing. There is a list of additional monitor repair technicians on our resources page under the Monitor Repair Services & Information heading as well.

Hope that helps. Thank you for your question and good luck with your repair.


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